Why is our society so messed up for?

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Why won`t people support legalization of marijuana,or legalized gambling?Why do they get upset if dude,or girl who is 18,or 19 date 15 year old, and say they need those people to be locked up so they can protect our kids?What`s wrong with 18 dating,or having sex with 15year old?Why do they vote for politician that always lie,and hardly ever tell s the truth,and yet they always blame the politician but never themselves for voting for them?Why are people against change for?Why do people get all upset over sex,and social reform?Why did the baby boomers become sell out for?
Whyare they against gay marriage as well?

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2 Responses to Why is our society so messed up for?

  1. got any water? says:

    the 18 year olds having relations with a 15yrold is about protecting the innocent, you need to understand that at even at 18 a person may not be fully mature but 18 vs 15?

    it is true many at 15 or 16 are mature but many are not and an 18yr old male has sex on the brain and most youth are thinking about adolescent stuff.

    fathers of males may not understand but fathers of females do.

  2. Becs says:

    ignorance. stubborness. thats all it is.

    but what can we do about it? just tell em you disagree and be done with it. the last thing you want to do is get angry and fight with them. dont hate them back for hating you, no matter how much you want to (and believe me, i f*cking know how you feel). two wrongs dont make a right. your representing all the rest of us, dont make us look bad. just make us look like the good people we are, and maybe theyll one day see us as exactly that. then maybe theyll reliaze they are just hating and being stubborn.

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