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A note from the Chairman of the Fukn Bored

A few readers have recently asked me if I screen or select or edit what any of the writers here at Incredible post. The answer is no. All of the bloggers here have total editorial control for their own … Continue reading

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The Chairman of the Fukn Bored and

Now that is a good question my friends. The big question is in fact, who is fucking us? Is it George W. Bush and company? Is it the Terrorists? Is it big business and the friends of Kenneth Lay? Or … Continue reading

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Alfi Boomer Vierra Memories.wmv

Vieera Mp3

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What are the consequences of dating a senior guy?

Well, I’m a 16 and he’s a 74. I know that there are things like the sex issue, him going to jail if he tries something. There is also the part where he is supposed to be going to a … Continue reading

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What is your political stance? Where do you draw the line?

My Political Stances: I am….. Anti-Drug – Conservative – Drugs increase crime. In 2007 illicit drug users were about 16 times more likely than nonusers to report being arrested and booked for larceny or theft; more than 14 times more … Continue reading

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As an original baby boomer, what celebrities, politicians, and businesses/businessmen do you wish to thank?

For anyone who doesn’t know, original baby boomers were born some years after the end of The Korean War and some years before the initial U.S. involvement in Vietnam. Opinions on that window may vary. “Thanking them” is a way … Continue reading

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Have you thanked a Baby Boomer yet for destroying the economy?

and turning America from the World’s largest lender nation into the World’s largest debtor nation?

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